The mission of St. Lawrence Shark Observatory (ORS | GEERG) is to advance scientific knowledge on northern shark species, to promote shark awareness and conservation, and to support marine initiatives for youth. ORS | GEERG science focuses on behavioural ecology, conservation biology and movement ecology of sharks in the St. Lawrence, Atlantic Canada, and the Canadian Arctic. The results of our work are shared with the scientific community and the general public.

Sharks are dangerous. Why should we help them?

Heard that one before? If the myth relative to the presence of sharks in the St. Lawrence is now a thing of the past, it is nonetheless difficult to dispel the misconceptions at the source of all shark stereotypes. When dealing with such an ancient and deep-rooted issue, the best approach will always be research and education.

Sharks are crucial to the world ocean’s equilibrium.

Unfortunately, poor research funding, overfishing, and the overall negative public perception on sharks, are leading to their ultimate demise with tragic effects on the environment. With your help, GEERG aims to help reverse this trend in Canada and abroad.

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