GEERG researchers and volunteers are based at various institutions across Canada. Although studying the Greenland shark and other northern elasmobranchs could easily employ several researchers on a full-time basis, no funding exists to sustain our work. GEERG duties are thus seasonal and non-remunerated. GEERG directors may nonetheless be reached throughout the year.

“A man alone is in bad company.”

- Paul Valéry, 1932 | Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 1978

Jeffrey GALLANT, M.Sc. - President, Scientific Director, DSO, Shipmaster

Fields of study: Influence of physical variables on the movement and behaviour of the Greenland shark (M.Sc., UQTR 2012); Distribution of Somniosus microcephalus; Social and environmental impact of sport diving activities in the presence of sharks; Shark behaviour.


Jeffrey started diving with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets in 1982 at the age of 14. He has since led several research and training expeditions around the world. Among other accomplishments, Gallant was trained as an aquanaut (underwater habitat operations) in Romania in 1995, he was the founding Diving Safety Officer (DSO) of the Quebec Aquarium, he dove with Équipe Cousteau in 1999, and he has served as a scientific adviser and dive leader on expeditions and fact-finding missions in Labrador, Nunavut, Iceland, and Greenland.


An award-winning underwater photographer and videographer, Jeffrey has contributed to several dive publications, books, as well as television and film documentaries on sharks and diving, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC, CBC, Radio-Canada and Explora. He is the author of the internationally-acclaimed Diving Almanac and Book of Records and he has been a contributing editor of Vancouver-based DIVER Magazine since 1997. He was elected a Fellow of the Explorers Club in 2010 and he was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his contributions to underwater science and exploration in 2012. In 2014, the CCID elected Jeffrey as an Ambassador of the City of Drummondville where he teaches at the CEGEP.

Dr. Chris HARVEY-CLARK - Vice-President, Scientific Director

Fields of study: Shark behaviour and anatomy; Distribution of Somniosus microcephalus.


Chris is the author of over 30 research papers and chapters on veterinary aspects of fish, reptiles and amphibians, and he published a marine life guide to Canadian Atlantic waters, Eastern Tidepool and Reef. He has held positions at the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University. He is active on the Canadian Council on Animal Care and he is currently on the boards of the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada, and the Canadian Farm Animal Care Trust. His interest in marine conservation led him to a number of television and film credits including Discovery Channel, CBC, BBC, and the National Film Board of Canada as creator, writer, host and Director of underwater photography. He was elected a Fellow of the Explorers Club in May 2012. Chris lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Paul BOISSINOT - Treasurer

Paul Boissinot has been a SCUBA instructor since 1973. Paul is the Diving Safety Officer of the Quebec Aquarium and he is a former president of the Canadian Association for Underwater Science (CAUS), and of the Fédération québécoise des activités subaquatiques (FQAS / Quebec Underwater Council). He is an international instructor of Professional Scuba Inspector (PSI) and an instructor of the Divers Alert Network ( He has trained visual cylinder inspectors for the FQAS since 2000. Paul has hosted several television and radio programs on SCUBA diving since 1979. He is regularly consulted as an expert on SCUBA diving and as an expert witness during dive accident investigations. He has been a guest speaker at several national and international events including the Festival international de l'image sous-marine. Paul was the founding president of dive suit manufacturer Atlan from 1985 to 1998.

Jean-Louis COURTEAU - Artist-in-Residence

Born in Montreal, Courteau is self-taught, notwithstanding his college studies in visual art. He admits to skipping more than his share of classes. A passionate lover of nature, he mostly paints land and waterscapes. He immerses himself in his outdoor subjects, soaking up all that surrounds him, especially the light. “Light is what matters, the subject is merely a pretext,” he says, and this is most apparent in Courteau’s underwater scenes. Courteau also writes poetry and life stories. His latest project is a collection of short stories on scuba divers in boreal waters for a new book edited by well-known French diver, Francis Le Guen.


The flag of our research vessel Skalugsuak was created by Jean-Louis.



BARRETTE, Blaise - IT Developer, Shark Observation Network and online dive log

EATON, Susan R. - Youth educational outreach | Sedna Epic Expedition

FOREST, Jean-Yves - Shark tagging and photography

GAUDREAU, Marc-André - Engineering

GRONDIN, Mélina - Accounting

GUCCIARDI, Mary Ellen - Educational advisor and fundraising | Sedna Epic Expedition

HAY, Patricia - Accounting

LEMAY, Paul - Fleet management and sponsorships

SAVIGNAC, Richard - Diver-in-Charge




CASTRO, Dr. Jose - Mote Marine Laboratory (Anatomy and behaviour)

CHABOT, Dr. Denis - Maurice Lamontagne Institute, DFO (Stomach contents)

PENDELL, Georgina, M.Sc. - University of Portsmouth (Genetic diversity)

RILEY, Cyrena - PhD Candidate, Université du Québec à Rimouski (Skates)

SAINT-LOUIS, Dr. Richard - ISMER (Toxicology)

STOKESBURY, Dr. Michael - Canada Research Chair in Ecology of Coastal Environments at Acadia University (Telemetry)


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